Small Business Loans

Is bad credit score keeping you from accessing a small business loan that you need to help your company get ahead? Of course, creditworthy business men and women can easily access loans traditional banks as their businesses have meticulous records of past business, with a good credit score history. On the other hand, for new businesses or businesses with a low credit score, stiff competition and strict qualifications for accessing small business loans lock them out of this crucial fund. Fortunately for many entrepreneurs like yourself, bad credit business loans from alternative funding programs are designed to assist people in your circumstances and we want you to know you’re not in it alone. TI Financial Services is your business finance solution provider.

Rather than isolating your credit score as the only qualifications, TI Financial Services, broadens the scope, to other factors such as:

  • Banking History: Revenue-based small business loans are available, based on the cash flow from your bank account. Regardless of your credit score, the special business loan programs will advance credit, depending on your annual gross revenue, which should average $50,000.
  • Duration of Business: A business with at least a year or more in operation, with some consistency in growth over time, is eligible for small business loans, even with a bad credit score.
  • Accounts Receivable & Credit Card Sales: An important source of the business revenue, regular monthly credit card sales show a good record of some guarantee that you will pay back your loan. Your company pays off monthly installments over the payment period, while committing a certain percentage of the daily credit card sales.
  • Credit Partners: Your business partners can also be a guarantor in this scenario. While they may be liable to repay the loan should you default payment, it can certainly be a good business decision in case you have a bad credit score.

Benefits of Acquiring a Small Business Loan

Access to capital is a major challenge to most, a roadblock that most business owners must grapple with to run a successful business. Some of the benefits of small business loans include:

  • Credit Lines Up to $100,000

As long as your business has average annual revenue of $50,000 and meets the other minimum requirements, you may have access to small business loans to run your daily business activities and boost your sales.

  • No Application Fees

Small business loans are favorable to many, as they are simple and free to apply. The response time is relatively short, ranging from a few days to a few weeks.

  • No Obligation to Funding

Small loans are readily available, but with no obligation to apply for funds.

  • Boost Your Marketing

Marketing takes a significant part of the business expenses; small business loans could be a huge relief, to reach out to potential clients through marketing media such as magazines, the internet, and television.

  • Increasing Business Inventory

Successful businesses must keep improving inventory, this is true especially for small businesses, as such resources are essential to run a business consistently.

With all the constant pressure to perform, these loans for businesses are probably best when you are experiencing a tight budget, and your business could use a quick financial boost.

Alternative funding programs for bad credit give business owners the opportunity to access loans much easily, while cutting short the lengthy process, aggravating timelines and the rigorous scrutiny that comes with seeking loans from a traditional bank. Find out more and apply today for your business loan now!

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