Bad Credit Car Loans

If you think acquiring a new or used vehicle without a decent credit rating is an enormous task to overcome look no more! TI Financial Services can help you transition from your old car into a well-maintained, comfortable, and dependable newer car without creating stress for you over any credit issues you may see as problematic. The steps are quite simple, when you apply for an auto loan online through our short application, our specialized bad credit lenders will do everything in their power to have your loan application approved regardless of your poor credit situation. Our services are nationwide, so no matter where you live, our network of lenders is there to assist you in obtaining auto financing that is well within your budget.

We Understand Bad Credit

Our lenders have years and years of experience in working with all types of bad credit situations. They know that poor credit does not necessarily mean that you are a bad or irresponsible person, and that many times bad credit develops over time from circumstances, such as divorce, job loss, accidents and long-term illnesses. Most of the time, these unfortunate situations are something that is not controllable and many times leaves people feeling like there is just no way to recover. But we want you to know that if you need car loan with bad credit, our lenders believe in giving people a second chance to re-establish their credit. We see it time and time again, once people are given the opportunity for a fresh start, they make their payments on time, they repay the loan according to the contract, and then in a short time, their credit goes from the low 600’s to well over 700! Our auto loan lenders set you up for success from the start!

The Approval Process

Getting approved for a car loan with bad credit is really a hassle-free process. We have been helping people with less than perfect credit to acquire car loans for many years and have been successful in the business because our process is simple and quick. Making that little effort and spending just a few minutes to connect with our nationwide auto loan lenders is all it takes for you to get pre-approved for a car loan. Once you submit the secure loan application, a lender will contact you to let you know the status of your loan approval. If you are not satisfied with the lender’s terms, you are never under any obligation to accept the car loan. We are definitely not trying to steer you away, but we definitely want to be transparent with you. People with a good credit score can expect to have interest rates between 3% – 6%, however, when you have some credit blemishes, please know that interest rates are generally 9% – 14%. On a really encouraging note, after proving that your financial status has greatly improved, you will be able to refinance your car loan at a much lower interest rate. All it takes is your desire and commitment to restore your bad credit.

Rise to the challenge of overcoming your below average credit rating. TI Financial Services has been in service for over a decade helping consumers get the best possible bad credit car loans in the industry. We thrive in this business because our network of lenders is awesome and offers the absolute lowest rates available in the nation, get started now!

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